Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trailer Hook Up Basics

Special Hi to new trailer users.

I remember when I first learned the basics of trailer hook up. Although that was quite a number of years ago the principals have not really changed since then.

To help those of you who are  new to trailer hook up we are featuring this 9 minute You Tube video on the trailer hook up basics.

If you are new to using a trailer then this video is something that you will want to see. If it is a family camper that you will be towing then why not involve the whole family as it is easy to learn basics in trailer hook up.

Note: One thing not mentioned in the video is: be sure to chock the wheels when you park your trailer and remember to remove the chocks when you are ready to move it again.

Now grab a bag of popcorn a and enjoy the movie.

Rember: Every trailer needs a hitch that is properly hooked up.

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  1. Nice tutorial. Best idea of hooking. I appreciate this.

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  2. Thanks for your help. We ordered a new trailer hitch in Mississauga and I have to hook everything up and take the trailer to my husband. He's usually the one who does it so I'm a little nervous.