Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trailer Hitch Parts

Hi trailer users

Since you are a trailer user, be it  for your work or pleasure you must have a need for trailer hitch parts.We are developing this blog to help. We will feature help for you the trailer user by posting information through the use of all kinds of media.

Videos, Audio podcasts, webcasts, PDF files, Website links and any other means that will get the information you need into your hands in the fastest and easiest way possible to meet your needs. You can post a question as a comment and we will search for the best information to answer your question and then post that information back up on our blog for the benefit of all of our readers to see. That way we create a sharing environment that nurtures  learning from others as well as questions we may have ourselves.

How does it work?

Well say you have a question on wiring a standard 7 pin connector like "can you provide a datagram of a standard 7 pin wiring connector?"

We would search out such a diagram and post a link to it on a future post on the blog as you can see here.

This diagram in PDF format provided by Country Trailer Sales is of a standard 7 pin trailer wiring connector with all pins labeled as well as color coded. Click Here to open the diagram. Please note the following information.

* Always test wires for function and wire accordingly. This wiring scheme is for reference only.
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Thanks for dropping by. Pass on our link to your friends who also have trailers. Thanks!

Remember: every trailer needs a hitch...


Trailer Hitch Parts

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